Amna is a Lahore based mental health therapist and co-founder of Zaaviyah Mental Health Services. She offers individual and group therapy sessions for ages 18 years and above. She is a former Fulbright scholar and holds a Master of Arts degree in Applied Psychology, Counseling for Mental Health from New York University. Amna has completed a training workshop in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression & Suicide at Beck Institute of CBT, Philadelphia. Additionally, she holds a training certificate in Cognitive Processing Therapy (for trauma) awarded by Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Amna follows an integrative approach combining evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with elements of more traditional Psychodynamic Therapy. She tailors her technique according to the unique needs of her clients, with an overall relational, feminist and narrative approach to therapy. She values confidentiality and strives to create a supportive environment, encouraging open and honest dialogue. Her therapy style is collaborative: she works with her clients to set goals and work towards them, facilitating the journey to being self-aware, happier and more fulfilled.

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  • SPECIALTY : Mental Health Counseling

  • EDUCATION : B.Sc. Honors, M.A.

  • FEE RANGE : Sliding Scale

  • TYPE OF CLIENTS : Individual and Group



  • CONTACT : +92-3134891224

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