Shehzana holds credentials from Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) as an Integrative practitioner as well as a Supervisor. She has been in Private practice for over 10 years where she works with individuals aged 10 years and above and her work includes individual, family and couple therapy utilizing theories from behavioral and psychodynamic school of thought. Shehzana prime focus is on areas
such as addiction, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, trauma, Grief and loss, marital disturbances, anger management, self-esteem issues. She also serves as a group therapy facilitator and has successfully worked with several groups.

As a counsellor, Shehzana applies her own integrative model of humanistic and psychodynamic approach in her work that is tailor made to meet each client’s individual needs. Shehzana supports her clients in recovering from codependency and works with symptoms and causes like physical, emotional and sexual abuse, relationship issues, shame and fear.

Shehzana uses a variety of therapeutic approaches based on clients needs such as inner child work, relational work, art exercises. Her main area of work is Somatic/Phenomenological experiencing and Felt Sense (Body Mind work) and activities on mindfulness. She also runs support groups to establish psycho-social communal support.

In addition to being a practicing therapist and supervisor she also trains facilitators, and future psychotherapists.

Shehzana has been conducting workshops relating to topics on Anxiety, Safe Space, Boundaries and Anger management in schools, multinational companies and for community like LGBTIQ.

For overseas clients, sessions are offered online, while in-person clinic is located in Clifton Karachi.

Student # ( allotted by CPCAB) 227712
Centre Registration code: 433
Qualification Code: TM3C(Level 3)
TM4D(Level 4) TM6D(Level 6)

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  • SPECIALTY : Mental Health Counseling

  • CONTACT: 03028220388; 03332904420
  • TYPE OF CLIENTS: Individual, Couple and group therapy

  • TYPE OF SESSIONS : In person and online

  • FEE RANGE : Sliding scale

  • VIEWS :

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