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Anum Malik is a therapist who currently practices in Karachi. Her training and experience have led her to specialize in working with children, teenagers and their families. She works with individuals and groups using humanistic integrative counselling techniques, sand, play and art.

She is a highly qualified and trained Psychologist with an MSc. in Clinical & Health Psychology from the University of Manchester (UK), and has pursued specialized training in order to work with children and families. Her most recent training was in Sandplay Therapy (UK) with the Association of Sandplay Therapy. Anum is working towards becoming a fully licensed Play Therapist with CAPT, Canada. Her passion is to help build up family units, either by working with individuals (children or adults) or by using dyadic therapies such as Theraplay. She also provides Jungian Sandplay Therapy for clients of all ages, who may be looking for nontraditional and nonverbal therapeutic interventions.


Anum enjoys supervising psychologists and therapists that use creative tools in their work. Since completing her Clinical Supervision Diploma with CPPD, she provides individual and group supervision across Pakistan. Anum now trains therapists to use directive and non directive play therapy techniques in their work.


Anum also provides training and workshops for parents, teachers and professionals in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. At the moment she manages her own private practice, Creative Counselling and more information can be found at


EDUCATION MSc. Clinical & Health Psychology
TYPE OF CLIENTS Children, adolescents, adults & families, supervisees

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