Omar is an experienced Pakistani therapist, supervisor and trainer presently based in Australia. He’s a Fulbright scholar who completed his graduate studies from New York University. Omar has trained in some of the best institutes for counseling and psychotherapy in the world. He has maintained a professional membership of ACA and PACFA.

Omar has worked with hundreds of individuals from Pakistan, Australia, USA, UK, UAE, Canada etc. He’s a sought-after therapist who has made appearances on TV, social media, radio and newspapers to advocate for mental health needs in Pakistan. Besides providing therapy, his work portfolio includes working for schools, conducting workshops and seminars for organizations, executive coaching, training therapists, giving public talks, running support groups and conducting retreats. Some of Omar’s social media talks have been seen by more than 100,000 people.

Omar is only accepting work over Skype/Zoom, and his fees and contact are listed here.

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  • SPECIALTY : Psychotherapy

  • CONTACT : Prefers to be emailed

  • FEE RANGE : AUD 100

  • TYPE OF CLIENTS : Individuals

  • TYPE OF SESSIONS : Skype only

  • VIEWS :

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