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Anam completed her training in Psychotherapy and Counseling from Therapy Works, a CPCAB UK accredited program, and has been practising as a therapist since 2015.
Anam’s work is grounded in a firm belief that all her clients must be offered a non-judgemental, confidential and open space to explore and heal from their challenging life experiences in a meaningful way. While working with clients with experiences of anxiety, depression, abandonment, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse, addiction, and interpersonal difficulties has formed the body of her therapeutic work, Anam is also deeply interested in trauma and healing during and after protracted conflicts and war.
Apart from providing therapy, Anam is a researcher and field-worker with experience of working in conflict zones and with traumatic memories of violence, torture, abuse and loss. Her research has culminated in three published books: 1971: A People’s History from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India (Penguin Random House 2019), Between the Great Divide: A Journey into Pakistan-administered Kashmir (HarperCollins Publishers 2018) and The Footprints of Partition: Narratives of Four Generations of Pakistanis and Indians (HarperCollins Publishers 2015), which won her the 2017 KLF-German Peace Prize.
Anam also has 6 years of experience working as an educationist with adolescents in Islamabad. She holds a B.A in International Development from McGill University and is currently in the process of completing her M.A in Anthropology from the University of Toronto.
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